Just another day

Hey all So today not much happened, though everyone at work thought my hair looked great. I’m going to be learning to style it different ways from not on. i god some Axe hair gel and paste. Along with hairspray. Okay enough about my hair, I’ve been doing okay recently its been harder and harder […]

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Before and After

So here they are! i feel so much more like myself now. i feel 100 times better. My family finally accepted that i was cutting it and was even encouraging me towards the end.  I hope that part of them stays when i tell them the truth. it would mean the world if they could. […]

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Haircut tomorrow

Hey all. So tomorrow i’m getting my haircut, i told my mother today and she didn’t like that i was cutting off all my hair at all. She was like so its going to look boyish and i was like Yep. She didn’t like it at all. She gave me a dirty look and said […]

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Hey everyone! How are yall today? I’m doing good. kinda. working on all my plans to move to Arizona! I dont know what all i’ll need though. I’m going to be working a lot of hours the next few weeks so i’m hoping to be able to save up, but what i need to know is […]

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Top Surgery

Yo y’all. So recently I’ve been looking into the costs for top surgery. I know i wont have insurance when i try to go for top surgery. Ill have to save up for it. I’ve been seeing different amounts. I’ve been sharing GoFundMe fundraisers and what not for others. I wanted to make sure i […]

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Hey all. Truth, is so many different things in life. Sometimes its hard to tell the truth when you have lied about it your whole life. To be completely honest with people because of that one lie. Because you have always told it, that its hard to tell the truth. For someone to be completely […]

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