I am Jacob


Today is the day i have decided to finally begin searching for ways to began the change. I’ve been looking for places, states, cities to go to. I know my family will never accept this, but i have friends and a partner to rely on and who support me. If my family never supported me i would be fine. i would learn to rely on myself and only my self. I will find a way to make me who i am, allow myself to truly learn to love myself but also learn to love others.

Today is March 13th the day i finally admitted to myself and it makes me feel strong and worthy of living. i’m ready to start my life and leave this one behind. Not leave everyone behind just this body the way it is, is ready to go. I’m ready to start my journey.

I will be moving to Arizona soon, i found a few doctors that seem good to start with. I’m hoping to move in July or August, just gotta get the balls to pack and leave. I probably won’t let my parents know until i’m already gone. they dont pay for my stuff anymore so they can’t hold me back for that. I’m afraid if i stay and tell them in person they wont accepted it, they would try and talk me out of everything. But i’m not going to be truly happy until i start until i know its going to truly happen.


Today is the day i Start to believe its happening.






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