So today is heavy. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past few years that are hard to fix, hard to swallow for me. Before i fully accepted who i am and what i was i lied A LOT and now all those lies are coming due for me. My heart knows and my brain knows but they are fighting over what should be done and who i should let go. People are hurt because of me and what i have done. Some were able to accept things fast but others the one that i care for more than even myself. I know i have a lot to make up for and i’m going to work on a lot of things for myself as well. She’s a priority. she comes first no matter what. I swear this to her and to myself. I want to make things better.

So soon i’m going to be saving to move to Arizona, I’m also going to be talking to a therapist about everything. Someone that doesn’t know me personally but will be able to help me figure things out. I’m going to be planning my move soon as well. Any advice on doctors in Houston or Arizona Please let me know. i’d love to know whose best and what not.


Thanks for listening.



3 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Hello Jacob, I am transgender as well and I have felt a lot of the guilt you have. Of course, I don’t know the extent of the mistakes you said you made, but I do understand. I always felt an extreme amount of guilt when I decided to transition because I wasn’t just changing my life, I was changing everyone else’s too. I felt like I deceived my girlfriend and forced her into living a life she never chose.
    You have a right to be happy in your life, regardless of the effect it has. The ones that truly love you will understand and stick around. The ones that leave never deserved to be there in the first place.
    I know you don’t know me, but this is something I would’ve wanted someone to tell me when I was going through it. I hope it helps in some way. Good luck!


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