Haircut tomorrow

Hey all.

So tomorrow i’m getting my haircut, i told my mother today and she didn’t like that i was cutting off all my hair at all. She was like so its going to look boyish and i was like Yep. She didn’t like it at all. She gave me a dirty look and said let me see that picture again. She thought about it as i was making my food then i left the room. I dont know how shes going to actually feel about it when it does actually come off. I’m looking forward to getting it all cut off and feeling just a bit better about myself. It will help me be who i finally want to me. its not a big step but its a step towards what i am and who i truly am. I can’t wait for this and so much more. I want everyone to know who i am on the side.

I’m still working on getting my GoFundMe account some donations. Even a few dollars helps. I’m working on getting my own fundraiser going but its going to take a few. Here’s the link again: GoFundMe

Please help or share/retweet that link!




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