Just another day

Hey all

So today not much happened, though everyone at work thought my hair looked great. I’m going to be learning to style it different ways from not on. i god some Axe hair gel and paste. Along with hairspray.

Okay enough about my hair, I’ve been doing okay recently its been harder and harder without her support. She’s kinda a friend but she has her moments and i just wanna walk away and let her live her life. Though she doesn’t let me she says its rude and that i’m basically ignoring her and what not. Which i am it’s just hard to talk and joke with her at times. Specially when i think she might be dating someone new soon. Which also doesn’t surprise me. She jumps into relationships and think shes going to be better off when she should just wait and be with just friends. Though she’s constantly on my mind and i’m working on trying to just let it all be. Put it in a little box and try to move forward with my life. She taught me a lesson that ill never forget.I’ll never forget it. I need to be honest even though it scares me to death. I had been friends with her for years and never could tell her, because i never wanted to lose her specially if she knew the truth. it’s the hardest thing i ever did was tell her the truth. It felt freeing but in turn i lost her. I don’t want anyone else to feel that pain and i don’t ever wanna make someone feel like that again. i wanna do better and be better. So i’m going to be on my own and working on myself. Learning from my mistakes and never letting them happen again.

I miss her though and i love her even though she hates me.



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