Friday yay

Hey all! Today is the start of my long weekend, though i do have to go into work for about three hours which is fine with me. it makes sure i get my hours this week. So all morning I’ve been working out, i’m also keeping a work out diary of everything i’m doing throughout […]

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Hello from the other side?

Hey all! So I am researching some surgeons and i think i found a few in Texas, some in Florida, and a few in north Carolina. I’m extremely interested in the Keyhole surgery. I’ve seen some results from that surgery and i think it would work for my chest size and what not.  I even messaged […]

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Hey all! So i started a facebook page for myself and to support others! I’ve noticed on Gofundme there are A LOT of people trying to save up and get the surgeries or treatment and i wanted a page to help those get more attention. I know how hard it is to save money specially […]

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Been awhile

Hey all! It’s been a few weeks now and alot has happened! So i started therapy, had my first session on Friday and it was just a get to know you session but it went great. Really looking forward to working on my new few steps on this journey. As well i have started working […]

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