Hey all!

So i started a facebook page for myself and to support others! I’ve noticed on Gofundme there are A LOT of people trying to save up and get the surgeries or treatment and i wanted a page to help those get more attention. I know how hard it is to save money specially when you dont have a family that supports it. So go check it out.


Hit like and share Please!

Today has been a rather short day. i didn’t have to work to long so i started my first session of work outs on fit-star. my heart-rate went up to 150 which is amazing because i dont think ill be able to go for my job today with it almost raining or going to rain. I am working hard to losing my weight. I want to go down to 150 then start lifting weights and working on my chest and abs.

Any suggests on work outs? I have a ab wheel which is pretty damn amazing btw.


So until next time good night.


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