I’m Back!


Hey guys! So sorry i haven’t posted in a few months. A LOT has changed with me. not physically but mentally it has. So the changes can’t be seen but overtime you can tell since I’ve accepted myself and come out to several people i’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have an amazing girlfriend going on two months now and she completely accepts me and supports me 120% and it feels amazing. i have friends that have told me they always saw me as a man and stuff which is amazing. when i’m not at work they call me by my pronouns and my name which feels amazing and beyond anything i could have asked for.  I still haven’t talked to my family about my being transgender yet i’m incredibly nervous about that but i’m working up the courage to do it. Wish me luck.

Some amazing things about to happen, in December i have my first consultation with a surgeon for my top surgery which i didn’t think could happen so soon. but it is! 😀 then in October i should be starting my t-shots. it’s been pushed back a few times because of either family emergencies or bc of Hurricane Harvey that hit here in Houston pretty badly. #HoustonStrong

Also i have now opened a store with several diffident designs atm and still putting stuff together.  All Proceeds will go to donations. it has my new brand logo to it a wolf head! its amazing. go check it out.

Link: Wolf Pack 2k17

So again sorry its been so long since I’ve posted i promise to start posting once a week.


See ya later