Im on testosterone

Hey all! Sorry about the long wait for a new post!

Alot has been going down, i got a new job, i quit my old one but im back there shortly, and IM ON T!

S o first one i quit my job at the clinic because the drama, working hard and alot of hours for such crappy pay, and because i needed something new and rewarding. I now work at Target starting at 11 dollars three or four dollars more than my last job, but i am also back at my old job working extra shifts there bc someone quit and they called me in need. it kinda made me feel good. So im currently working two jobs and not enjoying it so much because im tired. but oh well more money right.

I am on Testosterone! I started 11/6/17 i do my shot every monday and no i havent noticed any new changes besides zits. ill let yall know when i do.


So sorry for such a short update, i work on longer ones soon.


Bye yall



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