maybe time to start lookin…

So it might be time to start looking forĀ  new job. i looked at my target schedule and i’m only scheduled ONE day the week of new years. i’m sad. i like working at target and i thought they would keep me since i had been working my ass off, but i guess not. so its time to look for a new job unless i can just go back to my old one at this point and time. idk what ill do but i’m going to start hardcore looking at this point.


wish me luck.

3 days til Christmas.




new everything

So awesome news!

i got a brand new laptop with a built in webcam! i cant wait to start using that so much atm! the laptop is pretty small but i love it so far. its a samsung chromebook. so far so good. i got one for myself and my girlfriend for school since we start in the spring. so i thought it would be a really good buy for us.


Also im sorry for not updating sooner ive been busy with work and getting everything together for Christmas time. im finally done with Christmas shopping thankfully. so ill try and be more active.


Merry Christmas!

New Merch Store


So super excited i have my own Merch store! All proceeds go towards my Top surgery fund! i’m really hoping to have top surgery by May 2018 and i need help raising the money for it. i am working two jobs and trying to save as much as possible. But i do have bills and those always come first along with taking care of my little family. So i will be selling shirts. Right now all i have is Med. shirts on sell. i will be working on getting more in as soon as i can. Sharing it on any social media is amazing. So of course go and check it out.


Also go and check out my other store WolfPack 2k17! 50% of proceeds go towards others transgender needs HRT, surgeries, and name changes! the links will be below.

Other than that, today is my 5th T shot ill be doing it at lunch time. its a pain in the butt but I’ve noticed several changes in the last like week or two. My voice is cracking A LOT. my leg hair isn’t as poofy. ill be posting an update video at my one month on T.

ok thats all for now. See yall soon!


Merch Store: