Come and check it out!



Today starts my unplanned vacation from work. It’s kinda perfect though so I can start school and get ahead on my online class. So it’s perfect or that’s how we are looking at it! Gotta stay positive right?

Heads up I put a new YouTube video up about my two month on t update. Go and check it out here’s the link.

YouTube video

Also I’ll be posting about my new surgery date in the next few hours as well. I’ll post the link in a new blog post soon!


Morning and top surgery

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good night sleep. I know my blogs have been pretty short but I will try and make them longer.

So my top surgery will now be in August to allow me to save more money and be able to pay it have more. I want to try and avoid getting a loan out or doing care credit as much as possible. I will be putting my deposit down within the next week or so. I don’t know what day in August yet since the surgeon hasn’t given his office the schedule yet. So I’m learning to be patient as much as possible. Please remember you can donate to my surgery fund or buy a shirt at my merch store. I’ll put the links below. Thank you all for being so supportive it means a lot to me!

Please help out however possible.

Merch Store

Surgery fund

Outback and shaving

Hey y’all! Good evening!

Right now I’m waiting for a table with my girlfriend and roommate at outback! 30 minute wait…

But onto sad news I had to unfortunately shave my mustache off since I’m not fully out at work or with family. I was proud of that light little mustache too. 😢😢😢 but one day I’ll grow it out with a full bread I hope. Send me positive vibes please!!

Have a good night!

Good morning

Good morning everyone!

I want to try and blog more so I got the app on my phone. ATM I’m sitting and listening to drama which is always fun! I’ve been dreaming of top surgery. I’ve had two dreams of top surgery, the first one my whole family was supportive and the top surgery came out amazing!! The second dream was only my mom and dad were supportive but the top surgery still came out good too.

So the conclusion of bob dreams for me is I’ll get top surgery and someone will be supportive. So I love dreams how about you?