It’s Saturday

Hey guys it’s Saturday and I’m being a little lazy. I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks since my last post. A lot has happened as well. I’m now a promoter for BrixBennet so go and check them out and use my code JAKE10. They have an amazing site and new shirts and more. They help a lot with transgender youth. I wanted to be apart of something amazing and help them raise money for transgender youth. So please go and check them out.

I also got an email from my surgeons office and they are going to hold August 2 for me so I can pay the deposit at my next paycheck. Go and donate to my youcaring fundraiser if you can or just share it as much as you can. I also have new merch on inktale I’ll add the link at the end of the post. Please remember all proceeds go towards my surgery fund.

Other than that I started school and I’m working early in the morning so I get tired when I get home. Working 4-12:30 or 4-9:30. Am this is all in the early early morning. So I’m sorry I’m exhausted by one. I’m trying to stay as active as possible and keep everyone as updated as possible.

I love y’all a lot you keep me going.

Til next time


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