Coming out and the aftermath


Sorry its been awhile! I’ve been staying busy with life, family, and school. not working much sadly. Life of retail. BUT huge news! If your not following me on youtube then you dont know but i came out to my parents! yes big news, but it wasnt great the week after. They were okay with it the night of but the two or three days after were rough. The shock wore off and my Dad was having a hard time with it. He was yelling at EVERYONE, NOT JUST ME. He was yelling at my girlfriend blaming her, then yelling at my sister and mom since they knew before him. It was really rough. I was extremely depressed and didn’t want to do anything. I hated that he was taking it out on everyone when he should have just taken it out on me. its been about a week and a half since i told them. They are basically just putting their heads in the sand and ignoring it. My girlfriend and i have been able to go over and talk with them and hang out, but its awkward for me of course.

As of right now we are all doing okay. i’ve been over to my parents like everyday this week so far. im working on finding a new job and saving up for my surgery.  wish me luck.



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