Happy weekend…or not?

Hey y’all.

So it’s been awhile and I suck i know. This weekend has been crazy and a rush and not in a good way. My great grandma is going into hospice and it’s only a few days is what everyone believes right now. It’s been hard to swallow this because it seems just a few min ago she could have lived a few more years. She was a big part of my life and I know she will be greatly missed when she’s gone. Christmas Eve will never be the same.

Now on to other things. I start my job on Thursday and I can’t wait! I’m going by Jake and he/him pronouns! So wish me luck. I’m hoping with this new job I can really start making small payments towards my surgery. I really want the surgery within a year or before Christmas. That’s my new plans now. So wish me luck.

That’s the update for now. See y’all soon!