Happy Thanksgiving!

just wanted to shoot everyone a happy thanksgiving! i know it can be hard on Holiday’s with or without  family. I am thinking of yall my Brothers, Sisters, and Non-binary family out there. You are amazing and keep going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel i promise!


Coming out and the aftermath


Sorry its been awhile! I’ve been staying busy with life, family, and school. not working much sadly. Life of retail. BUT huge news! If your not following me on youtube then you dont know but i came out to my parents! yes big news, but it wasnt great the week after. They were okay with it the night of but the two or three days after were rough. The shock wore off and my Dad was having a hard time with it. He was yelling at EVERYONE, NOT JUST ME. He was yelling at my girlfriend blaming her, then yelling at my sister and mom since they knew before him. It was really rough. I was extremely depressed and didn’t want to do anything. I hated that he was taking it out on everyone when he should have just taken it out on me. its been about a week and a half since i told them. They are basically just putting their heads in the sand and ignoring it. My girlfriend and i have been able to go over and talk with them and hang out, but its awkward for me of course.

As of right now we are all doing okay. i’ve been over to my parents like everyday this week so far. im working on finding a new job and saving up for my surgery.  wish me luck.



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Im on testosterone

Hey all! Sorry about the long wait for a new post!

Alot has been going down, i got a new job, i quit my old one but im back there shortly, and IM ON T!

S o first one i quit my job at the clinic because the drama, working hard and alot of hours for such crappy pay, and because i needed something new and rewarding. I now work at Target starting at 11 dollars three or four dollars more than my last job, but i am also back at my old job working extra shifts there bc someone quit and they called me in need. it kinda made me feel good. So im currently working two jobs and not enjoying it so much because im tired. but oh well more money right.

I am on Testosterone! I started 11/6/17 i do my shot every monday and no i havent noticed any new changes besides zits. ill let yall know when i do.


So sorry for such a short update, i work on longer ones soon.


Bye yall


Hello from the other side?

Hey all!

So I am researching some surgeons and i think i found a few in Texas, some in Florida, and a few in north Carolina. I’m extremely interested in the Keyhole surgery. I’ve seen some results from that surgery and i think it would work for my chest size and what not.  I even messaged one of the Doctors about it hoping for a reply soon.

Today has been a long and interesting day. Working was harsh everyone was grumpy. Though i did reach my step goal on my fitbit. Which is awesome. I should be winning one of my challenges!

So that was my day.



Hey all!

So i started a facebook page for myself and to support others! I’ve noticed on Gofundme there are A LOT of people trying to save up and get the surgeries or treatment and i wanted a page to help those get more attention. I know how hard it is to save money specially when you dont have a family that supports it. So go check it out.


Hit like and share Please!

Today has been a rather short day. i didn’t have to work to long so i started my first session of work outs on fit-star. my heart-rate went up to 150 which is amazing because i dont think ill be able to go for my job today with it almost raining or going to rain. I am working hard to losing my weight. I want to go down to 150 then start lifting weights and working on my chest and abs.

Any suggests on work outs? I have a ab wheel which is pretty damn amazing btw.


So until next time good night.

Been awhile

Hey all!

It’s been a few weeks now and alot has happened!

So i started therapy, had my first session on Friday and it was just a get to know you session but it went great. Really looking forward to working on my new few steps on this journey. As well i have started working out. I am hoping to lose some weight then start working on building some muscle and working on my abs and chest. I want to be ready for when i have the all clear to do my surgery. I have found a great surgeon in Florida, i’m very interested in the keyhole surgery. I’ve heard its great with very light scarring. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that i’m a good fit for that surgery.

Also i have set up a gofundme account for my top surgery here is the link.

Click to Donate Now!

Go please even the smallest amount will help me out.


Thanks again for following my journey!



So today is heavy. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past few years that are hard to fix, hard to swallow for me. Before i fully accepted who i am and what i was i lied A LOT and now all those lies are coming due for me. My heart knows and my brain knows but they are fighting over what should be done and who i should let go. People are hurt because of me and what i have done. Some were able to accept things fast but others the one that i care for more than even myself. I know i have a lot to make up for and i’m going to work on a lot of things for myself as well. She’s a priority. she comes first no matter what. I swear this to her and to myself. I want to make things better.

So soon i’m going to be saving to move to Arizona, I’m also going to be talking to a therapist about everything. Someone that doesn’t know me personally but will be able to help me figure things out. I’m going to be planning my move soon as well. Any advice on doctors in Houston or Arizona Please let me know. i’d love to know whose best and what not.


Thanks for listening.


I am Jacob


Today is the day i have decided to finally begin searching for ways to began the change. I’ve been looking for places, states, cities to go to. I know my family will never accept this, but i have friends and a partner to rely on and who support me. If my family never supported me i would be fine. i would learn to rely on myself and only my self. I will find a way to make me who i am, allow myself to truly learn to love myself but also learn to love others.

Today is March 13th the day i finally admitted to myself and it makes me feel strong and worthy of living. i’m ready to start my life and leave this one behind. Not leave everyone behind just this body the way it is, is ready to go. I’m ready to start my journey.

I will be moving to Arizona soon, i found a few doctors that seem good to start with. I’m hoping to move in July or August, just gotta get the balls to pack and leave. I probably won’t let my parents know until i’m already gone. they dont pay for my stuff anymore so they can’t hold me back for that. I’m afraid if i stay and tell them in person they wont accepted it, they would try and talk me out of everything. But i’m not going to be truly happy until i start until i know its going to truly happen.


Today is the day i Start to believe its happening.