Hello from the other side?

Hey all! So I am researching some surgeons and i think i found a few in Texas, some in Florida, and a few in north Carolina. I’m extremely interested in the Keyhole surgery. I’ve seen some results from that surgery and i think it would work for my chest size and what not.  I even messaged […]

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Hey all! So i started a facebook page for myself and to support others! I’ve noticed on Gofundme there are A LOT of people trying to save up and get the surgeries or treatment and i wanted a page to help those get more attention. I know how hard it is to save money specially […]

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Been awhile

Hey all! It’s been a few weeks now and alot has happened! So i started therapy, had my first session on Friday and it was just a get to know you session but it went great. Really looking forward to working on my new few steps on this journey. As well i have started working […]

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Hello, So today is heavy. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past few years that are hard to fix, hard to swallow for me. Before i fully accepted who i am and what i was i lied A LOT and now all those lies are coming due for me. My heart knows and […]

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I’m Back!

Hey guys! So sorry i haven’t posted in a few months. A LOT has changed with me. not physically but mentally it has. So the changes can’t be seen but overtime you can tell since I’ve accepted myself and come out to several people i’m happier than I’ve ever been. I have an amazing girlfriend […]

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Friday yay

Hey all! Today is the start of my long weekend, though i do have to go into work for about three hours which is fine with me. it makes sure i get my hours this week. So all morning I’ve been working out, i’m also keeping a work out diary of everything i’m doing throughout […]

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Just another day

Hey all So today not much happened, though everyone at work thought my hair looked great. I’m going to be learning to style it different ways from not on. i god some Axe hair gel and paste. Along with hairspray. Okay enough about my hair, I’ve been doing okay recently its been harder and harder […]

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