Hey all.

Truth, is so many different things in life. Sometimes its hard to tell the truth when you have lied about it your whole life. To be completely honest with people because of that one lie. Because you have always told it, that its hard to tell the truth. For someone to be completely truthful to someone. They have to trust you with their life basically. I told one of my real close friends on Thursday. She took it well and said she figured it out without me telling her. It was like the world lifted off my shoulders. I mean its not my parents or family but it was a huge step for me. To tell someone that sees me everyday because we work together it felt amazing to tell her. She doesn’t know the name i picked for myself but one step at a time right?

My next step is cutting my hair, and possibly going to the doctor. Of course i’m still finding ways of saving and working my ass off at work. I cant wait to actually start saving soon and making a real dent in the savings account. Wish me luck.




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